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Premium Czech Nappies

Nappies made with love here in the Czech Republic make sure that your baby is dry and comfortable. Whilst preventing any unwanted leaks.

Linteo Baby premium nappy makes for happy babies and mums. Thanks to the absorbent channels, the nappy immediately absorbs any fluid, which spreads evenly into the channels, they then lock in the fluid, thus preventing any unwanted leakage.

Soft rubber bands around the waist, but also around the legs help the nappy adapt as much as possible to the baby when in various positions whilst at the same time preventing fluid leakage. Linteo Baby Premium nappies are available in five sizes depending on the baby's weight.


The nappies have a velvety soft and breathable material, thanks to which your baby will feel comfortable as the nappy allows the skin to breathe. Your baby will be dry for up to 12 hours. The nappies use the SeconDRY system that has a special absorption layer and channels inside the core to ensure the utmost in protection and comfort for your baby's skin QUICK LIQUID technology instantly and evenly distributes unwanted fluid into the nappy's core.


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