Linteo Baby skin cream

The philosophy behind our products:                  

  • In harmony with nature, a quality guarantee

    We provide products with certified Organic Marigold, which contains vitamin E, has anti-inflammatory, healing and regenerative effects and protects skin from external influences. Purely natural oils from almond and apricot naturally nourish, protect and cool the skin and help reduce risk of irritation, redness or allergies. Extracts from rosemary, wild thyme and thyme lend the products a subtle odour and soothe the body before sleeping. What you won’t find: synthetic PEG emulsifiers, parabens, dyes and perfumes that don’t meet the parameters of natural cosmetics for children. Our aim is to develop products that respect the protection for children’s skin they provide, thus promoting greater resistance and minimising the risk of developing allergies, eczema and other skin problems.

  • The mother and child bond by having the same smellsmell the same as your baby

    Developed with the utmost regard for baby’s skin and at the same time in accordance with the mother’s skin so the product can be used by both the baby and the mother. This makes the skin smell the same, which is one of the most important senses for new-born children. This means the distinctive smell of mother and baby is not upset.

  • Safety, love, optimism  

    The bottle was designed to give the product a trustworthy, tender and optimistic impression. Bright, vibrant colours and images are used to depict a mother’s love for her child, playfulness, joy and protection for the baby. The baby belongs to the mother-the baby is always on the packaging with the mother. Each product contains a different animal - a more varied selection and playful approach.

  • A responsible approach to our community and environment

    We are not indifferent to the fate of children that did not have the good fortune to have a mother and father. We have worked with Klokánek a fund for vulnerable children. For every Linteo Baby product from the new line of cosmetics bought we will make a contribution to this fund. This relationship has been legally sealed by a contract between our company and the fund. This support will be communicated in the press, on the web and other media. We are holders of the ISO 9001, FSC® (FSC-C135202), BRC certificates and we are involved in the Responsible Company project.

  • A purely Czech product

    The products are manufactured in the Czech Republic. Each component is designed so that each active substance is, as far as possible, from the environment we live in, which we are accustomed to and use in our day-to-day lives.

Information for customers

Phone: +420 465 467 730

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