Why buy products from the Linteo line?

With the Linteo product line, we bring you a wide range of high-quality products at an affordable price.

All Linteo products are designed for hygiene and cosmetic purposes.

Thanks to their quality, the Linteo series is equally suitable for the needs of pharmacies or medical facilities.


Make the most of the Linteo line's advantages

  • We guarantee that all our products give you the utmost in quality
  • Linteo products are gentle and suitable for you and your children
  • Linteo products have outstanding strength for any use
  • The products in the Linteo line are intended for those who expect good quality at a good price
  • During manufacture our products meet all the legislative requirements and are subject to strict tests
  • The products are made from materials and ingredients that are highly effective whilst being gentle on all skin types

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