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The vision of the company Melitrade a.s. and the emphasis on ensuring the quality of products meeting environmental requirements is also fulfilled by the company's entry into the production process. Melitrade a.s. became a shareholder of GŁUCHOŁASKIE ZAKŁADY PAPIERNICZE SP. ZO.O, Gen. Wł. Andersa 32, 48340 Głuchołazy, Poland.


When Melitrade a.s. entered the production process, the close cooperation between the two companies was deepened and Melitrade a.s. thus directly participates not only in the purchase of new, modern production machines from renowned manufacturers, but also in ensuring other production conditions. Melitrade a.s. also participates in quality control of the production process and quality control of final products.

Melitrade a.s. thus directly involved in the production process of products, which then supplies to its customers.